Transportation in Tehran

Transportation in a new city is one of the most important concerns for travelers today. With the increase of backpackers and spontaneous tourists, who tend to travel low budget, the need of information about cheap or public transportation is more obvious.

Fortunately, Iran’s public transportation infrastructures in the past years improved, the multi-language signs, info-graphics or user friendly guides improved but haven’t reached its full potential yet and in rush hours you may face traffic jams. In spite of the fact of cheap ticket price for public transportation (0.20 USD for per ticket), there is still complexity in choosing the best and most efficient option for many tourists. Here are some simple explanations of what the travelers need to know about their options of public or efficient transportation in Tehran:

Tehran metro system is the fastest, easiest and the most efficient kind of transportation from every aspect in Tehran. To be able to escape the famous awful traffic of Tehran makes it OK to bare the pressure in the metro during rush hours (7am up to 9am and 5pm up to 7pm). Fortunately, Tehran metro line is not one of the complicated ones and therefore, you will find it easy to use. You may use Tehran metro to get from Mehrabad Airport for Domestic flights and for Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) for international flights has some limitation in terms of working schedule so we recommend you to use Taxi or Airport Pickup Service provided by Discover Tehran.

The Iranian version of Uber has been launched since 2014 and it works pretty well. It’s also very cheap and most importantly easy to use. So you can take taxi easily and you may not use public buses because it is not fast at all. You can use BRT bus system (Bus Rapid Transport) in some areas that are rapid and acceptable. Our tour guide will introduce you these systems and the app in the appointment so do not worry for that!

The Airport pickup service may be ordered in our website easily. You will pay by cash when you meet our agent and it cost 75 Euro (All taxes included in the price). Because of reasonable price this service used by many tourists; do not worry because our driver will be standing at the exit gate with board written your name so you will find him easily. If you want to use this service please fill in the Airport Pickup Service form carefully, as follows:

  • Enter only one name for each group
  • Please enter the name of the hotel where you want to go.
    If you want to get the visa at the airport, It will take about one hour. For more information, contact us.