Iran Credit Card

Do you know the Visa card and Master card are not working in Iran? We have an agreement with Iranian banks for issuing the Iranian Credit card even you are not still in Iran. So, you will not be worry about buying Persian souvenirs and delicious foods. To have all necessary information and last coupons 10% OFF, Please enter your email.

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If you want to travel to Iran, you may ask yourself how to get a MasterCard in Iran. Well, this is not really possible in Iran; As Iran banking service is not a part of international banking service; your credit cards, including visa or master card, will be useless in Iran. So your cash should be reasonable. To let you know, you can get prepaid debit or credit cards easily before your travel and you do not need to exchange any more. iran credit card

Discover Tehran offers you the Iran Credit Card , call Discover Tehran Card, which is an Iranian prepaid card designed for tourists and visitors. You can order online the Iran credit cards in Euro and use it for all shopping and ATMs in Iran for Iranian Rial (IRR). It gives you the option to easily transfer your money from your overseas bank account to your Travel Debit Card. You can get your money back when leaving the country, if you have any balance left on your card, you may take the cash by ATMs in Iran or take Euro in our head office in Tehran. iran credit card

We recommend all travelers not to carry cash for all expenses during the trip so take a part of expenses in Iran Credit Card.  Iran is a safe country for traveling but for any unexpected situations it’s better to have one traveling card. The Discover Tehran Card has two security passwords so no one except you will use the cards. In case of lost or stolen card anyone can use them and it may be reissue for you.

  • Discover Tehran Card can be used in any POS terminals in Iran.
  • It is not required to open a new bank account.
  • You can recharge your card any time of date.
  • Balance inquiry is possible through ATM, POS terminals.
  • You can exchange the remaining amount of your card.
  • You can receive cash at ATMs up to 2,000,000 Rials per day.
  • No limitation for shopping using the card in the stores by POS terminals.

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    Note: To issue the Iran Credit Card, You can pay online.
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