We began 10 years ago with the mission of introducing the unique culture, ancient civilizations and stunning architectural beauty of Tehran to visitors from all over the world. As an official registered company in Iran (Registration number 500880) our leaders have helped travelers from more than 22 countries enjoy an experience that will forever remain in their heart.

We have developed one day tours from discovering the historic places in historic core of Tehran, to secrets of local places that are not seen by tourists normally. Some of Discover Tehran tours take place in the less explored parts of Tehran, in the places where few foreigners have been before and some are usually seen by all tourists visiting Tehran.

If you take the tours you will use the time in quality, so try them and make a memorable trip to Tehran the capital of Iran! Thank you for visiting our one day tours, we look forward to the opportunity to serve all your Tehran travel needs.

Some of the people who make it happen


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