Iran Travel Insurance

Do you know how to issue Travel Insurance before you come Iran? We will help you to have the best Iranian travel insurance with Full coverage. In fact, you can receive all needed information with the last coupon 10% OFF by entering your email.

For travel to Iran, you need to book a Iran Travel Insurance. Iran is a safe country for tourists, although you may have a different idea from the press. Just like any other countries, having a travel insurance is an essential element. While there’s a choice of buying insurance from the embassy, with Discover Tehran, you can book Iran Travel Insurance online. With online insurance service, in less than 5 minutes, you’ll book your Iran travel insurance easy and then receive it in less than 6 hours. Iran Travel Insurance 

We are an official office for one of the well-known and reliable Iranian insurance companies, Saman Insurance, and you’ll be covered for expenses up to 50,000 EURO for: emergency medical expenses, emergency return home following death of a close family member or serious illnesses, loss of passport, driving license, national ID card, loss of registered luggage or expenses arising from delay of baggage delivery, legal aid in case of any legal problem, etc. In the description, you’ll see the coverage cases and costs in detail: Iran Travel Insurance

  • *Make sure you enter the RIGHT passport number.
  • Note: To issue the travel insurance, Only choose Pay online option.
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    Note: To issue the travel insurance, Only choose Pay online option.
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