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If we are to write a list of Iranian cuisine, we will probably need a multi-volume book, due to its wide geographical and cultural diversity. Depending on the characteristics of the climate, Ingredients, culture, and the type of usage; the foods will have their own characteristics. The Iranians have three full meals in a day, which is discussed in the following, which are Best Persian foods:




Breakfast in Tehran

An Old Iranian proverb that says “eat yourself breakfast, give the lunch with your friend and give the dinner to your enemy.” This proverb shows the importance of serving breakfast among the Iranian people. Bread is one of the main parts of the Iranian breakfast. In Iran, different types of bread are cooked in a traditional and modern way. The variety of traditional Iranian breads can be seen in less places in the world. The famous breads include Babari, Sangak, Lavash, and Taftun.Best Persian food

One of the most important dairy products is cheese which is on the breakfast table of Iranians with warm bread every morning. Unlike many other countries that put cheese inside or out of foods, Iranians use raw cheese in the meal of breakfast. The combination of cheese and the walnut makes delicious and healthy food satisfying any human needs until lunch time.

Beside the bread which is usually used warm and fresh, dairy products can be named as a main part of Iranian breakfast. Dairy products include cheese, butter, cream and yogurt. In Iran, these products are very varied depending on the type of geography and everywhere has its own local product and it is nearly impossible to say that such diversity can be seen in less places in the world.

In addition to bread and cheese, other parts of the breakfast can be mixed butter with jam or honey and this different taste is a marvelous experience for everyone. The main difference between Iranians breakfast with other country could be the use of tea. The diverse kinds of tea exists in East Asia, but due to the lack of knowledge about Iran, few are aware of the variety of hot drinks in this country. There are more than 100 different types of teas which are grown mostly in the north of Iran. The black tea is one of its famous types. This kind of tea with sugar (the so-called sweet tea), hot bread and all kinds of dairy products provide an unforgettable breakfast that keeps anyone full of energy until the lunch.

Of course, the Iranian breakfast does not end to this and many other foods can also be added. One of these foods is Halim which is the mix of wheat and meat and decorated with cherries, cinnamon, sesame, sugar and chopped meat or turkey.Best Persian food

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LUNCH and DINNER in tehran

The diversity of the Iranian food in lunch and dinner is very attractive for foreign tourists. Iranian food is the combination of the main dishes, drinking and dessert. There are three types of main dishes. It has been reported than there are more than thousand foods in Iran. Three types of foods as follows:






In Iran, more than 500 different types of Koresh are registered, which is due to the geographical diversity of Iran. The most well-known Iranian Koresh can be eaten ghormeh Sabzi, Khoreshteh Qimeh, Khoreshteh Fasanjan, Baqalakatun, Mirza Ghasemi, Chicken Stuffed, Sour Chicken, Zereshk Pulu, Shirin Pulu, Torsh Shami, Baghali Pulu with Fish, and Akbar Jojeh .

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The second type of Iranian cuisine is Kebab served with stewed rice, which is cooked on burning wood. Kebabs are made with beef, Lamb, fish, chicken, and sometime the combination of them. The famous Iranian Kebab can be mentioned Kabab Chenjeh, Kabab Chinese, Sour Kebab, Lamb Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Kabab Bakhtiari, Kebab Bargh, Kubideh Kebab.


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In the third category, stewed rice does not serve. This kind of food is rich in variety, which can be from a main meal to a simple and light meal. Perhaps the best-known foods in this category include Abgoosht, which is usually made with lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, turmeric, and dried lime. Other foods include Aush, Baghala Ghatogh, Tahchin, Dolma, Samosa, Falafel, Kashk-e Bademjan, Mirza Ghassemi, and Stuffed Chicken.

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