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Tehran is the capital of Iran and is the main center for distributing various products of Iranian handicrafts, Sweets, nuts, and spices for the foodie. There are delinquent workshops in Tehran and, in this regard, one of the best cities to buy Tehran Souvenir for your trip to Iran is Tehran. Because of the high sales of these products in Tehran, you can buy Tehran Souvenir at a more affordable price in Tehran in comparison to other cities just like Isfahan or Shiraz. Our guides will show you the best places to buy souvenirs in Tehran and in our tours you may buy from local specialties in the city of Tehran.



Confectionery items


Turquoise, Minakari, home furnishings are some of the souvenirs you may find to buy in your trip. If you want something which is not very expensive on the pocket and decent to be gifted on return trip to home country, you should try small handy crafts of Minakari or Turquoise. Turquoise is also used in art forms such as firoozeh koob, the art of hammering small pieces of turquoise into copper. In Persian culture, turquoise is said to have healing properties, detoxify the body, and protect against the evil eye. Shades of blue are omnipresent in Iranian mosques and palaces, and turquoise is a way to take it back home. As you may know Iranian carpet is well known and Tehran grand bazaar is the best place to find an original carpet and permanent souvenir for the trip. If you have extra room in your suitcase, you could even bring back the Iranian carpet to have Persian art in true Iranian fashion! In order to take back home the carpet from Iran as a travel souvenir, there are facilities for non-payment of customs duties, which our guides will give you the necessary explanations.


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Confectionery items

It’s hard to leave Iran without an extra suitcase of the huge variety of Iranian sweets, nuts, and spices for the foodie. If you know what you’re looking for, so arriving with some basic knowledge can really save you some time and money.

GAZ is one of the most favorite Iranian sweets for foreigners. It makes for the perfect Iranian souvenir and is a combination of egg whites, sugar, rose water, pistachios, and almonds and goes perfectly well with a cup of brewed tea. The price depends on the brand and the percentage of pistachios but it is 5€ a pack and above. Sohan is another Iran sweet made out of wheat sprout, flour, egg yolks, rose water, sugar, butter, saffron, cardamom topped with pistachios and the best ones are found in Tehran Grand Bazaar. Gaz and Sohan are the most famous Iranian sweets so do not miss them in your trip! In Golestan Palace and Tehran Historic Area one day tour you will find good shops to buy them.

NUTS are relatively cheap in Iran compared to other parts of the world. Buying packs of mixed nuts that come with cashews, pistachios, almonds, raisins, and walnuts are highly recommended. Iranian pistachios are very natural and tasty so these make these nuts one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy. Pistachios come in different sizes, fresh, dried and salted. The fresh ones are seasonal, so if you visit Iran during autumn or by the end of summer, make sure you get your hands on a handful of these. For most foreigners, it’s the first time they even see fresh pistachios. The price depends on the brand and the size of pistachios are 40€ a kilo and above. If you take part in Saadabad Palace and Tajrish Bazzar one day tour our leaders show you the best place to buy them!

You may find the traditional Iranian version of cotton candy in Tehran that is called PASHMAK. That is sweeter containing of sesame and sugar and is mostly accompanied by the bitterness of Persian tea. Its price is totally depends on the size and the product but they start from 2€ and we recommend you try the fresh ones in Tehran Grand Bazaar one day tour.

If you’re interested in new tastes, then you should be trying our Tours in Tehran Grand Bazaar or Tajrish Bazaar for the best experience. During the tours, we introduce guests to spices, ingredients and other Iranian foods from this part of the world. TUMERIC is an Iranian spice that is used a lot in Persian cooking, mainly for chicken. They are used in Iran for a variety of stews and these are so cheap.

CAVIAR is on the top of the expensive foods you may by as survives in Tehran. Not for the budget traveler as a small container could easily cost you over a 100€ and it products in Northern provinces near Caspian Sea in Iran so you may find it in luxury restaurants. But if you want to buy the best place is Imam Khomeini International Airport duty free shop, because you will find the fresh and small pack there.

Iran is famous for its SAFFRON (zafran in Persian). Growing saffron is a common practice in many provinces in Iran from where it gets exported all over the world. They produce the world’s highest quality, so among the best things to take home as Tehran souvenirs there is certainly the “red gold”. Especially if you live in a western country, where saffron is very expensive and hard to find a good quality. The saffron price is very much affordable in Iran, especially if you are buying 50 or 100 grams together. I suggest that if you are buying saffron as a Tehran souvenir from Iran you decide first how many gifts you will need to give and buy it all together in one place. We recommend you to buy saffron during your Tour of Tehran Grand Bazaar because our leaders show you the best place to shop safe and good price!


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